Second raw data release

From December 2017 to June 2018 we continued the data acquisition at the ARO 12-m radio telescope. The coverage of survey area is organized in 30’x 30′ square tiles with sides along Galactic axes and a small amount of overlap. Each tile was observed twice in mutually orthogonal scan directions to minimize 1/f noise and eliminate systematics. Figures of the total coverage of the survey area can be found here.

In the download page you will find the second release of raw data, that contains calibrated spectra of single maps. All files are in GILDAS CLASS format and contain the data for each tile for each scan direction independently. The file names are structured as:



LLLL are four digits for the Galactic Longitude of the tile center and should be read as LLL.L (so 2244 means GLON 224.4°).
BB are two digits for the Galactic Latitude of the tile center and should be read as B.B (-12 means -1.2°).
A is the scan direction and can have value “l” for scan direction along the Galactic Longitude, or “b” for scan direction along the Galactic Latitude.
SSSS can have values “12co” or “13co” depending on the species observed.
ZZ identifies the filterbank used and can have values “21” for the 0.65 km/s resolution spectra, and “11” for the 0.26 km/s resolution spectra.

Download page

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