First data release: raw data

In June 2017 we completed the data acquisition at the ARO 12-m radio telescope.  Observations were carried out from 11/11/2016 to 13/6/2017, for a total of 600 hours. We observed 81 mini maps of size 30″ x 30″ in 12CO (1-0) and 69 in 13CO (1-0). Each tile was observed twice in orthogonal scanning directions to minimize 1/f noise and eliminate systematics. Figures of the coverage can be found here .


All files are in GILDAS CLASS format and contain the data for each tile for each scan direction independently. The file names are structured as:



  • LLLL are four digits for the Galactic Longitude of the tile center and should be read as LLL.L (so 2244 means GLON 224.4°)
  • BB are two digits for the Galactic Latitude of the tile center and should be read as B.B (-12 means -1.2°)
  • A is the scan direction and can have value “l” for scan direction along the Galactic Longitude, or “b” for scan direction along the Galactic Latitude
  • SSSS can have values “12co” or “13co” depending on the species observed
  • ZZ identifies the filterbank used and can have values “21” for the 0.65 km/s resolution spectra, and “11” for the 0.26 km/s resolution spectra.

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