The ARO-FQS Survey

The Forgotten Quadrant Survey (FQS) uses the 12-m Kitt Peak antenna of the Arizona Radio Observatory to map the Galactic Plane in the range 220° < l < 240°, in a 2°-latitude strip centered around a midplane that follows the Galactic warp, both in the 12CO (1-0)   and the 13CO (1-0) lines. The project has been awarded 600 hours of observing time under an ESO Call for Proposals, and the data acquisition has started in November 2016.

The FQS survey will provide a much needed complement to latest-generation continuum surveys of the Galactic Plane from the near-mid infrared (GLIMPSE360, WISE) to the submillimeter (Herschel/Hi-GAL) for a portion of the Plane where CO data is currently available only with very low spatial resolution (Dame et al. 2002, Mizuno & Fukui 2004).

The coverage of survey area is organised in 30’x 30′ square tiles with sides along Galactic axes. A small amount of overlap is foreseen to allow the mosaicing of the tiles into larger data cubes. Each tile is observed twice in mutually orthogonal scan directions to minimize 1/f noise and eliminate systematics. We use the On The Fly observing mode with a scanning speed of 75″/sec and with a Nyquist spatial sampling. The backend is composed by a 256 channels filter bank at 250 KHz spectral resolution, that corresponds to a total velocity range of 166 km/s and a velocity resolution of 0.65 km/s, in parallel with a second 256 channels filter bank at 100 KHz spectral resolution, that corresponds to a total velocity range of 66 km/s and a velocity resolution of 0.26 km/s.

While a first science-grade data release consisting of large-scale spectroscopic datacubes and compact clumps catalogue is foreseen by November 2017, we are making immediately available the raw data as soon as they are collected.

More information about the survey execution status and timeline for upcoming observations will be available soon.

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